Cole B      Kenneth Pappy Smith I love it man. Favorite mod hands down. Can’t wait to order more!


Amber B  My first vitality came today I love this thing there will be more to come anyone who hasn't tried this tube needs to


John B        The simplicity of the design is what I liked so much about my 1st one and still do on my 2nd. Simple is good. I’m not that creative so I couldn’t even start with colors.

Blue is my absolute favorite but if I’d been able, the battle-worn purple would’ve been a 2nd choice.


Jacob W        Ya I love it thank you.


Gavin B


Jeff P       What can I say but AWESOME 👊


Temothy C       Love how the mod is so lightweight, it hits like a train, is very nice to hold and carry all day, you can put in any type of batteries without a lot of adapters and stuff and they look great!



Danny W     Quality, value for money, the styling and obviously the customer service


Steven H 🔥🔥🔥💙 In my eyes one of the best 21700 mechs out there on market, lightweight, coatings on them is tough as Rambo's boots 👊 an hits so good 👌 can't wait for future releases 👏